A43 Northampton to Kettering improvements

Source: Northamptonshire Highways

The A43 between Northampton and Kettering suffers from congestion hotspots, journey time delay and road safety issues due to vehicles trying to overtake. Through its key strategy document, the Northamptonshire Arc, the county council has outlined a policy to dual the A43 all the way between the A45 and the A14. Due to the scale of the scheme this will be achieved in phases.

Improvements to the Round Spinney roundabout (phase 1a) have already been completed resulting in increased capacity at this junction and improved traffic flow.

Phase 1b, which will provide a new road between the Round Spinney and Moulton roundabouts bypassing the existing road, is currently awaiting confirmation of the Compulsory Purchase and Side Roads Orders below.  Subject to this happening, it is hoped to start construction later in 2018.

Phase 2, dualling of the section north of the Moulton roundabout to a new junction near Overstone Grange, has been completed.

Phase 3, is intended to extend the dualling to the Holcot and Sywell roundabout. A bid for Government funding towards this phase was submitted in 2016 but was not successful. The intention is to resubmit a bid at a future date.

Further phases will be needed to complete the dualling through to the A14 but have not yet been determined.

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