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27 Halberdier Way, Rothwell, Northamptonshire, NN14 6GW
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DEIZLER provide inspirational leadership development courses and professional consultancy services to UK businesses and charities.
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Founded in 2016, DEIZLER works with UK businesses and charities to provide inspirational leadership development and professional consultancy services.

DEIZLER specialise in three distinct areas:

1)Leadership Development

With so many courses to choose from it can be difficult to decide which would deliver the most benefit to your management team. If you get it wrong it’s a big time and financial investment down the drain.
Most training providers offer a multitude of courses based around theoretical models that differ little from company to company; this can lead to disillusioned delegates refreshing their knowledge on material they’ve seen a hundred times before with no practical application.
DEIZLER specialise ONLY in Leadership Development. As such we have been able to hone our content and delivery to doing what we do best; developing leaders organically, imparting knowledge that can be applied practically and leaving your leaders inspired to drive your business on to the next level. Speak to DEIZLER today to find out more.

2)SME and Voluntary Sector Business Development.

Securing funding or investment for new and existing business ventures or charitable services is becoming increasingly difficult in today’s highly competitive market. With fewer opportunities, cuts to grants and an increasing focus on ROI (Return on Investment) or the delivery of measurable outcomes it is imperative that business and charities know their market, know where to find opportunities, and have the time to write compelling bids and tenders.
With one eye on the continued operation of your business or voluntary organisation it can be difficult to find time to seize these opportunities.
DEIZLER have an industry busting success rate, securing over 70% of applications and tenders in 2015/16 worth £100,000’s. Let DEIZLER work with you to secure your future.

3)Accreditation Consultancy Services

Many businesses and voluntary organisations seek Accreditations or Quality Marks to set them apart from their competitors. These accreditations provide additional credibility, demonstrate mastery and help secure an increased level of investment and funding.
Often Accreditation processes are arduous and time consuming. Recognised by Prime Minister Gordon Brown DEIZLER Managing Director Ryan Protheroe lead the transformation of the Ministry of Justice’s Charter Mark customer service excellence programme to flagship status in 2006 and has since helped organisations to secure the Charities Evaluation Service PQASSO quality mark. Consult with DEIZLER to help set you apart.

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