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Dreamtime Hypnosis
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Business Address: Meissen Ave, Desborough, Northants, NN14 2YB
Short Business Description: Developing tomorrows winners today, creating winning sporting minds fusing models including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Hypnosis. BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE.
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Maximize your sporting talent, Dreamtime sports hypnosis will help you reach your true potential.
Sports hypnosis is a powerful psychological technique used by the world’s top athletes – but it’s not just for the elite. You can benefit too, whether you’re looking to achieve peak performance, develop your confidence, strengthen your self-belief or simply increase your enjoyment of sport.
Dreamtime hypnosis fuses hypnotherapy with CBT to help you manage anxiety, deal with negative self-talk, stay focused and improve your motivation. It can transform your determination and mental toughness, your ability to prepare for competitions and the success of your rehearsal technique. My aim is to help you get motivated and back in control as quickly as possible, permanently. I use a supportive, enabling approach from day one, working alongside you to develop effective, enduring techniques for managing the issues that concern you most. Together we’ll establish your goals and identify what’s holding you back – then focus on overcoming those barriers and moving you forward to new levels of sporting success and fulfilment.

Business Website Address: sports hypnotherapy
Business Phone Number: 01536 763758