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Business Address: 16 Rosebery Street, Kettering, NN16 0RP
Short Business Description: High level video production for local businesses.
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At FullColorVideo, we specialise in producing the highest quality video for local businesses and telling the stories of local companies, helping local employers gain more business.

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Business Phone Number: 07754372881
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Revolution Works
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Business Address: 91 Laburnum Crescent
NN16 9PH
Short Business Description: Kettering based business specialised in Marketing, Security, It Solution and Transport Services
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A family run business based in Kettering that has been ongoing for quite a while providing local businesses with any aspect of running your own show, our services include Marketing, security, IT solutions and transport…

Marketing – Promotional material supply / Promotional material distribution / Social media Management / Statistical Market analysis
Security – CCTV consultation and installation / Maintenance
IT Solutions – Website design / Email and domain set up and hosting / Website maintenance and support
Transport – Pallet distribution / Parcel delivery / Transport Logistics

As a business, we provide many products and services for your business so that it’s much easier for you to run your business without having to deal with many companies to provide this.
One company – endless possibilities.

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Business Phone Number: 07715405283
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SC Sales & Marketing Limited
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Business Address: Office 3, 2 Church Walk, Kettering, Northants NN16 0DJ
Short Business Description: Supplying sales and marketing activities to businesses globally
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With a whole host of marketing activities, we help our clients gain revenue, new clients and even save them cash!

With over 10 years of sales and marketing experience, we can help bring you new business!

Business Phone Number: 07533 774420
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Cashbackpoint Limited
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Business Address: 39 Green Lane, Kettering, Northamptonshire NN16 0DA
Short Business Description: Closed loop card linked loyalty
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There’s a world of a difference between card linked offers and card linked loyalty.

cashbackAPP fixes a fragmented and confusing loyalty industry, by putting promotions back in merchant’s hands, and simplifying the life of their customers.

It provides invisible, friction free, cross merchant loyalty programmes with no secondary cards necessary, no more embarrassment or cheesiness for customers.

Cashbackapp brings two things together, one card – a customers normal everyday bank card, and one single reward currency – cashback.

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Business Phone Number: 07515 267121
J & C Telemarketing
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Business Address: 18 Chedington Close, Barton Seagrave, Kettering NN15 6FA
Short Business Description: B2B Telemarketing Services, generating fully qualified leads and appointments with prospective clients who are in the market for your products or services
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J & C Telemarketing are a professional and experienced company offering you a first class service and realistic approach to your telemarketing requirements.
Based in Northamptonshire, our management and staff bring together years of experience in sales and marketing and will represent your company as if it were our own.
Our clients vary widely, from large companies to small, both local and national offering a wide range of products and services from graphic design to sports marketing, office equipment to business consultancy.
• Database Management • Database Cleansing • Database Building • Lead Generation • Appointment Setting • Product / Company Awareness • Telemarketing Training
All of these services can be discussed in detail and tailored to suit your individual needs.
J & C Telemarketing can help your business by generating fully qualified leads and appointments with prospective clients who are in the market for your products or services immediately or in the near future, making sure you are always talking to qualified potential clients.
We can help you in retaining or expanding market share, introduce a new product or service or simply raise your market awareness.
In fact, working with J & C Telemarketing can provide your company with many benefits:
You and your company can concentrate on closing sales rather than sourcing them. • Telemarketing is direct and proactive, no expensive adverts waiting for potential clients to contact you, we are contacting them direct. • We provide short and long term solutions for gaining new business and with our fixed hourly rates, you control your budget to the penny! • No long term contracts. Should you wish to stop all we require is just thirty days notice. • To ensure our clients get the maximum benefit from their telemarketing, we always ensure that our team are fully trained on your product/service prior to commencement and that our team members voice and personality is best suited to your product or service. • You instantly add new resources to your company rather than using them up, also creating instant expertise, rather than slowly building it up. A vast proportion of the telemarketing we carry out for our clients involves the creation, management and development of a database of targeted companies or individuals, from which we use our experience and expertise to generate opportunities for new business, providing our clients with a direct form of marketing, gaining new business both now and developing relationships for new business for the future.
We work from various data sources to create a fresh database or we can work from your own database or other information supplied by you. In either case, all information supplied and work carried out is done in the strictest of confidence. We can work for you for just a few hours per week or several hours per day, whatever you require, it is up to you.
We can usually start a campaign within seven days and when you wish to stop all we ask for is thirty days notice. It really is that easy!
You will receive a regular report which lists the name of the company contacted, telephone number, address, contact name, details of the call plus any other information you require, specific to your business.
All leads and meetings are forwarded to you as soon as the telephone call is complete and the contact information contained in the database we create can also be used in mailing campaigns

Business Phone Number: 01536 420889
SilverDisc Limited
Business Address: Unit 4, Swallow Court
Kettering Venture Park, Kettering, Northants NN15 6XX
Short Business Description: Securely hosted websites, with online marketing to drive conversions and increase sales revenue.
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About SilverDisc – What Sets Us Apart?

SilverDisc is a digital agency with a track record of getting it right for our clients. We’re based in Kettering, Northamptonshire and our technology division is in Santiago, Chile. What sets us apart?

Our Age and Experience

We’ve been around for a long time, since before the Web and well before Google and Facebook. Founded in 1993 to develop marketing applications on compact disc (hence our name), we quickly got online. We were running our first web server in 1994 for our client, HarperCollins, and in 1995 we helped Barclays to develop the first online banking service. Later in 1995 we began search marketing with the launch of AltaVista. We began PPC marketing in 2001 and social media marketing in 2006. When it comes to the Web, we’ve been there, seen it, done it – we even have an original Google t-shirt.

Our Patents and Technology

We’re a marketing company, of course, but we’re a marketing company founded by technologists. This means we have a deep and broad understanding of the whole ecosystem in which our marketing is operating, including issues such as scalability, stability and security. It’s no good sending visitors to a website that is slow or has fallen over or been hacked.

In 1999 SilverDisc’s founder Alan Perkins filed two patents covering some very fundamental search engine ground, including crawling and indexing of the web and personalisation of search results – both still hot topics today. Both patents were granted (you can read them here and here) and have been successfully licensed. We continue to use their principles and processes in the systems and tools we run for our clients.

Our Ethics and Standards

In 2001 Alan was speaking at the Search Engine Strategies conference in San Francisco. The theme of the session was “cloaking and doorways” and he had travelled half way around the world, at his own expense, to spend twelve minutes telling the audience (who had themselves paid to travel and learn about cloaking and doorways) why they shouldn’t in fact use these unethical techniques. Frankly, he wondered what he was doing there! But in the audience were people from Google, who liked not only what Alan had to say but also how he said it, in a way that laid out long term principles rather than detailed technical guidelines. Google’s Head of Webspam, Matt Cutts, made contact with Alan and, as a result, two of Alan’s principles made their way into Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. They are still there today. Matt Cutts says:

Our discussions helped to clarify the guidelines and the thinking behind them; we’d been batting around similar ideas within Google, but hearing the same things being said from outside Google was very helpful to know that we were on the same page as other smart people.

Matt Cutts

As a result of this, SilverDisc became known for its high ethical standards, a reputation it has carried forward to today. In addition, Alan has spoken every year since 2001 at the Search Engine Strategies conference.

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Business Phone Number: 01536 316100
Fyxen Copywriters
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Business Address: 80 Federation Avenue, Desborough, NN14 2NX
Short Business Description: Providing next-level content to elevate your business above that of your competitors.
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We understand the importance of high-quality content on your website or blog. We also know that you have better things to do with your time.

Whether you’re looking for a weekly blog specific to your business or industry, a website refresh, or social media management – we can help.

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Business Phone Number: 07786913406
The Best of Kettering
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Business Address: 74 High Street
Short Business Description: The Best of Kettering provides a comprehensive range of marketing support to local Kettering businesses.
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The Best of Kettering provides an enormous local audience for local businesses, an audience they find difficult to create themselves.
Our website gets over 20,000 visitors a month, our social media reach is in excess of 50,000 a month and we send our email information newsletters to over 12,000 local people each week.
If you want to know how to share in this audience or need other marketing support, just give us a call or email me.
Thanks, Stuart

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Business Phone Number: 07976 654783
Focussed Publications (Focussed on Kettering Magazine)
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Business Address: 59A Corporation Street, Corby, Northants NN17 1NQ
Short Business Description: Advertise your business to over 27,500 homes in Kettering and beyond.
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Join the many businesses gaining the benefits of our whole new marketing campaign that covers 4 media platforms in one hit.


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Business Phone Number: 07710 569142