Northants Police

Covid-19 crisis: a call to action for Northamptonshire’s Business Community

Northamptonshire Police are issuing a call to action to any local businesses who would like to take positive action and help the local community in these difficult and challenging times.

MYBKYD is an existing partnership programme set up by the force which works with businesses to support vulnerable and marginalised people in the county, in effect, playing a part in making their ‘backyard’ a safer and happier place for those who live and work in the county.

In response to the current global crisis, MYBKYD is being expanded in order to channel any help local companies can offer the local community and offer businesses an opportunity to play a greater part in the effort to keep the county safe.

Examples of help which companies may be able to offer may be in the form of making vans available to distribute food, warehouse storage space, people, products or packing materials.

Assistant Chief Constable Simon Blatchly said: “This is an incredibly difficult time for people and we know that includes the business community which will be facing its own particular challenge.

“This is a global crisis and it’s affecting us all and we know people often feel powerless to help, which is why we making this call to action so that those that are able to can do their bit for their community.

“We also understand some may want to help but not be in a position to do so but those that can should fill in the form below. At this time we are just looking to identify what resources your company may be able to offer to support this crisis effort.”

If you can help please provide the information requested below and email it to:

This information will be collated so that as the crisis develops we can quickly see what resources our business community can provide should we need to call upon them.

We hope you can help us to keep our county working together for everyone’s wellbeing.

Company Name and address :
Contact Name :Contact Tel:Contact Email:We can provide the below support :
Please outline what skills / people / space /vehicles / products / storage / other you have available in relation to help us to support the local community. Eg
warehouse racking, forklifts, vans, packing materials etc

Do you consent for publicity? YES/NO

(We may wish to recognise companies that make offers of support)

For more information please contact PS Dina Sunderland 07557776133 or Ric Ellis on 07793069744