Kettering Hour

Do you promote your business on Twitter? If not, then why not?

Did you know that every Monday at 4pm on Twitter there is a live online networking event called #KetteringHour?

#KetteringHour is an hour dedicated to businesses and organisations where they can promote their products and services to the town of Kettering and the surrounding areas. It is very simple to take part, all you do is put #KetteringHour at the end of every tweet.

The #KetteringHour Twitter account will then retweet all tweets containing this unique hashtag. The @KetteringHour account has over 600 followers with most of these being local businesses and residents. It is a great way of promoting local businesses to potential customers and taking part can be done from anywhere as long as you have access to Twitter and a signal. The more tweets that you put out with the #KetteringHour hashtag then the more you will show up in the search results resulting in a bigger audience for your Twitter account.

#KetteringHour has now been going for over a year and has so far been a success. #KetteringHour was launched in December 2017 by Allen Tew, Sales Co-Ordinator at the Holiday Inn Express Kettering and started off strong with a lot of support from the local business community, including the hotel itself.

Allen Tew states “The highest audience recorded for #KetteringHour has been over 150,000 and the lowest has been around 60,000. Some weeks do vary with who takes part, so I do need more participation If I want to reach a larger audience. After the success of other hours across the country I felt it was right that Kettering had their own as there are many amazing businesses and organisations in the town and who doesn’t like free promotion?” If you would like more information on #KetteringHour please contact Allen Tew at the Holiday Inn Express Kettering by emailing f

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