National awards success for Kettering businesswoman

Kettering businesswoman Alison Holland of Brightkidz has won a national award for promoting walking to school and road safety to children.

This recognition comes as part of the 2018 National Sustainable Travel Awards, presented to individuals and companies that have promoted schemes, projects and activities that support and encourage walking, cycling and other forms of sustainable travel.

The awards are organised by Modeshift, a national organisation that shares and promotes best practice connected with active, safe and responsible travel.

Alison Holland is founder and Projects and Partnerships Director of Brightkidz, a Kettering company that works to promote walking to school, cycling and road safety through its products, projects and information.

She says: ‘I’m delighted that the work we do at Brightkidz has been recognised in this year’s 2018 National Sustainable Travel Awards. Our organisation is working hard to promote safe and active travel as widely as possible, not just to local schools and colleges, but also to businesses and communities throughout the county and beyond.

‘We work closely with councils, the police and other relevant bodies to spread the message that walking to school and active travel, such as cycling or scooting, bring many benefits to children. Whether you’re a school, local authority, business or parent, Brightkidz can provide information, campaign resources and eye-catching bright products to support your initiatives and help you all to be seen.’

Brightkidz is a social enterprise or not-for-profit business that helps promote walking to school, cycling and road safety through its products,
projects and information. It is funded by income from sales of its reflectors and other bright products that help children to be seen when
out and about.

For further information about Brightkidz products and activities, including guidance on setting up your own school or workplace travel plan or improving road safety in your community, visit:

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