New Business network launches for young entrepreneurs

A new and exciting business network has been launched to help young entrepreneurs with their businesses in the North Northamptonshire area.

Seven young people from Kettering, Corby and Wellingborough joined Simon Cox, Kettering Business Network Leader and founder of the Next Gen Inspired Business Network, to discuss business and to learn how they can take steps forward to grow their businesses.

Joining the entrepreneurial seven was Cllr Keli Watts, Mayor of Kettering, Joe Gill, a businessman who has grown a company from nothing to a substantial turnover inside ten years and Mark Brereton, another entrepreneur, who is passionate about helping people with their fitness through the Keto programme.

The plan is for the group to meet monthly and for the young entrepreneurs to learn how to lead and network with each other.

Founder Simon Cox said “When I was 18 and left school there was nothing for me to learn business skills in the real world. There was no support and no one to turn to. By launching Next Gen Inspired, I hope young people will be able to grow their businesses, learn from each other and gain networking skills so they can grow themselves as well as their business ideas.”

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