Transition gains a prestigious client through a key introduction from PCS Business Systems

Tom Wykes from PCS and Nichole Clark from Transition met at one of the Northamptonshire Chamber networking events over a year ago. These frequent gatherings proved to be the perfect platform to keep in touch in a personal way.

PCS had an existing client who was looking to:

• Equip their onsite workers with the capability to effectively edit construction site blueprints in real time, on their mobile devices.

• Have the ability to schedule workers, know their current location and send the closest worker to jobs.

• Reduce the amount of paperwork required on sites, and minimise manual document handling in the back office.

• Implement a software system that enables them to accurately evaluate material usage (projections vs actuals), and complete and share reports company-wide.

Tom introduced Nichole to the client back in July 2019. During a series of meetings Transition and PCS worked closely together with the client to help them dig deeper into their business processes and unpick what would make them more productive.

After gaining these pivotal insights, Transition created a roadmap on how to help the business to move forward. As part of the process, Transition prototyped an app to give the client confidence that Transition were the right partner.

Transition is thankful to PCS and the Chamber – without either they would not have had this fantastic opportunity. Tom and Nichole are looking forward to working together on future projects.