Young Enterprise at Bishop Stopford

On the 21st and 22nd February Young Enterprise is delivering to the Year 9 their Small Business Challenge Programme.

From accounting firms to IT specialists, hair salons to decorators, Small Business Challenge helps students consider the types of roles available within small companies and provide an insight into how real business works and the decisions which need to be made.

This fast-paced, activity-based enterprise challenge will provide an introduction to employability skills and the opportunity for students to reflect on their own self development. During the day students develop a small business idea, consider a range of business decisions before eventually pitching to a would-be investor for funding.

Teamwork is key to this programme, as students will develop their understanding of how different personalities work together in a business, before then putting this into practice in the team business challenge.

Please can you help by giving up a day of your time to support these students to assist them towards the world of work.

Please contact me at or Mobile 07794 478930.


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